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The Unmet Need for Survivor Long-Term Housing

Human trafficking is a pervasive issue stretching across the globe, impacting an estimated 40 million individuals. While certain populations are disproportionately impacted, nobody is exempt from this global tragedy. The reality is that it is prevalent in our own community.

As awareness and education on human trafficking expand, efforts to identify and rescue victims are ramping up. To that end, advocates must ensure survivors receive the care and support they desperately need. Imagine being one of the lucky few who get a second chance at life, but are left with inadequate support to safely re-assimilate into society.

In Pennsylvania, the Office of Victim Services identifies 14 service providers that cater to human trafficking victims. Even fewer, only about six, provide long-term housing and other vital rehabilitation services.[1]

This falls short of meeting the needs of survivors.

According to the Pennsylvania Courts, there have been nearly 800 human trafficking offenses filed in Pennsylvania courts since 2015, when the first comprehensive human trafficking law took effect.[2] However, the number of victims is likely much higher, as cases are often mis-charged or never brought to police, let alone prosecuted. The National Human Trafficking Hotline alone reports 279 known cases of human trafficking–accounting for 540 victims–based upon those who reach out to their hotline in Pennsylvania. If just 50% of survivors entered into a long-term housing program, there would need to be roughly 30 homes. With only six organizations providing long-term housing and support services, many survivors may be left without support–increasing the risk of repeat exploitation.

Greenlight Operation strives to help fill this void. By working to establish the first long-term care home in the Greater Harrisburg Area, we can serve survivors of human trafficking, offering the comprehensive care they desperately need and deserve.


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