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Restoration home project

Since 2007, the National Human Trafficking Hotline has identified 151,714 victims of human trafficking. Of those identified, the vast majority of victims are women and girls who were coerced into sex trafficking, and once extracted, often lack trauma-informed therapy and long-term housing for their recovery.

For instance, each year the U.S. Department of State reports “insufficient access to housing, including transitional housing and long-term housing options for trafficking victims.” And in their 2021 report, “advocates reported even more drastic lack of access to housing . . . coupled with increased assistance requests.”

Pennsylvania is not exempt from the housing shortage for survivors of human trafficking. The fact is, there are far more victims than beds available.

Now more than ever, victims need a safe home and community to find peace, joy, and rest. This is why Greenlight Operation desires to provide a safe haven to survivors through a long-term residential program in the greater Harrisburg area. Our home will house 5-8 women for 12+ months, and upon arrival, survivors will be enrolled in a restoration program, which will provide individualized, comprehensive care. This will include trauma therapy, counseling, and courses that equip each woman to live an independent and sustainable lifestyle.

Restoration Home Journey

Step 1: Establish Vision

  • In 2018, Greenlight Operation began with the vision to transform red-light districts into Greenlight Districts—places free from sexual exploitation and human trafficking—and known for liberating, collaborative, and restorative practices.
  • As part of this strategic vision, we set out to address the need for long-term housing and restorative care for survivors of sex trafficking.

Step 2: Spread Awareness

  • With the groundwork laid, it was time to share our vision with others and address the problem of human trafficking in our communities.
  • Since 2018, we’ve led over 75 trainings & speaking engagements, and provided consultations to law enforcement and direct service providers.

Step 3: Rally Support & Strengthen Network

  • Next, we collaborated—and continue to collaborate—with local businesses, churches, schools, and direct service providers to strengthen our ability to prevent and combat human trafficking as a community.
  • Over 180 generous donors helped us raise $435,000 out of $500,000 to purchase a home for our program.
  • In 2021, we expanded our national network by joining the National Trafficking Sheltered Alliance.

Step 4: Build Restoration Home Program

  • In the fall of 2021, we were accepted into The Samaritan Women Institute for Shelter Care’s Mentorship Program—a program that will equip us with the knowledge, analytical skills, and guidance to launch an effective and sustainable restoration home program within 18 months after program completion.
  • Additionally, we plan on hiring a residential program director to lead this initiative and help draft policies and procedures for the home.

Step 5: Purchase & Prepare Home

  • After we secure enough funds and complete the zoning process for the property, we’ll purchase the home, furnish it, and prepare it for our first residents.
  • Part of this step will involve strengthening our referral process so we can take in new residents and/or refer them to other services.

Step 6: Launch Restoration Home Program

  • Once the home is ready, we’ll open our doors to our first residents and begin the journey of serving and caring for survivors of sex trafficking.
  • Our program will offer free long-term housing, trauma-informed therapy, life skills coaching and career-development services to 5-8 women at a time.

Why am I redirected to Christian Life Assembly's giving page?

Greenlight Operation is a newly incorporated 501(c)(3) and is in the process of filing its 1023. For now, Christian Life Assembly provides operational support to Greenlight Operation, such as our giving platform. Your donations are 100% tax-deductible and go toward Greenlight Operation’s mission.

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