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Restoration home project

In 2019, the National Human Trafficking Hotline identified 540 survivors of human trafficking in Pennsylvania.¹ While the amount of survivors may seem small compared to the state population, the availability of long-term housing and comprehensive care for them is insufficient.

Most long-term restoration homes can only take in 5-10 women at a time, so even if only 50% of the 540 survivors entered into a long-term housing program, there would need to be roughly 30 homes dedicated to their care. And while there are many domestic violence shelters around the state that offer some services to survivors, they often lack the breadth of resources for long-term housing and/or specialized care for their trauma.²

The latest human trafficking report released by the Department of State echoes this need: “NGOs and survivor advocates [continue] to report insufficient access to . . . long-term housing options for trafficking victims. Advocates [call] for more culturally appropriate services and increased availability of victim-centered, trauma-informed, and survivor-informed services for trafficking victims.”³

The truth is: there is a need for long-term restoration homes for human trafficking survivors.

This is why Greenlight Operation is opening the first long-term restoration home in the Greater Harrisburg area for women who have been sex trafficked. The home will house 5-8 women for 6-12 months, and upon arrival, survivors will be enrolled in Greenlight Operation’s restoration program. It will provide individualized, comprehensive care, including trauma therapy, counseling, and courses that equip each woman to live an independent and sustainable lifestyle.

Help us find our home!

If you know of a facility that will be hitting the market or someone who may be looking to donate property, please let us know!




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