Our Story

Greenlight Operation began with a need and a passion for change.

In 2017, Pennsylvania was already a well-known hotspot for modern day slavery, with its vast roadways connecting major cities in the Northeast. While there were opportunities to learn about the issue and raise awareness, a growing group of people wanted to become personally involved locally. Year-round. Boots-on-the-ground. But the reality was, few practical volunteer opportunities existed because service providers for trafficking victims are shockingly scarce and offer few tangible avenues to help.

The need for change was obvious, as was the potential activist network. 

In May of 2018, it was finally time to step out and become part of the solution, which meant creating and running with an anti-human trafficking model that didn’t exist in the Greater Harrisburg Area.

Greenlight Operation was born. 

the team

Jordan Pine

Founder & Executive Director

Jessica Barnett

Communications Coordinator

Ben Byler

Marketing Coordinator

Katie Ibberson

Volunteer Coordinator

Anna Knaub

Operations Coordinator

Partnership with Christian Life Assembly (CLA)

Although Greenlight Operation functions as an independent organization, we wouldn’t be where we are today without the love, support, and resources—both financially and physically—from CLA. We are in the process of becoming our own 501(c)3, but in the meantime, CLA holds our organization accountable and directs 100% of Greenlight Operation’s donations toward our mission.

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