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Our mission:

To strategically combat human trafficking through educational initiatives and serve sex trafficked women through a continuum of restorative care.

Our work:

Greenlight Operation is a leading voice on anti-human trafficking education in Pennsylvania. Since our launch in 2018, we have educated thousands of individuals on the issue of human trafficking.

While we work to prevent cases from occurring, we also recognize the need to serve those who have been exploited within the industry. Our team is renovating a home and developing a restorative program to provide long-term therapeutic care to women who have been sex trafficked.

Our values:

Integrity: We speak the truth and do what is right.

Stewardship: We utilize resources efficiently and effectively.

Collaboration: We learn from, listen to, and partner with like-minded individuals and groups.

Reliability: We build trust through credible advocacy and unwavering support to survivors’ restoration.

Greenlight Operation is a non-denominational faith-based organization that believes in the authority of the Bible for our life and practice. We believe in the life, death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus, and are committed to living out His teachings in all that we do.

All positions are currently filled.

Interested in applying?

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Why am I redirected to Christian Life Assembly's giving page?

Greenlight Operation is a newly incorporated 501(c)(3) and is in the process of filing its 1023. For now, Christian Life Assembly provides operational support to Greenlight Operation, such as our giving platform. Your donations are 100% tax-deductible and go toward Greenlight Operation’s mission.

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