Human trafficking thrives in silence.
Let's talk about it.

“Greenlight Operation educated students about the issue of human trafficking and provided tangible ways for students to do their part in their local community."

- Messiah University

Why we prioritize trainings

People will not get involved with an issue they don’t know exists. Education about human trafficking is vital to combat misinformation, empower learners, and equip community members. The abolitionist movement grows when awareness spreads. This is why Greenlight Operation places such a high priority on our speaking engagements.

What's covered in our trainings?

  • Local and national statistics on trafficking
  • Signs of trafficking
  • Victim profile
  • Survivor stories
  • What recruitment looks like
  • How to report trafficking
  • Our solution
  • Ways to get involved

Who We've Trained

  • Police and probation officers
  • Domestic violence and sexual assault advocates
  • Foster care parents and case workers
  • Social workers
  • Teachers
  • Students
  • Church leaders
  • Business owners


“We asked Greenlight Operation to come and speak with our students three times so far and each time we hear great comments about how informative and moving their presentations are. We are grateful for Greenlight Operation’s support to our community—they are an asset for awareness and intervention.”

– Harrisburg Area Community College

“Greenlight Operation is an excellent organization to work with! They provided our nurses with statistics related to trafficking, signs of trafficking, and a reporting structure to follow up with appropriate agencies. Every interaction we had with them was positive. From the initial contact to post presentation follow-up."

– PA Capital Area Emergency Nurses Association

"We found the training to be extremely informative. It opened our eyes to the extent of the problem and was well-thought out."

- Carlisle Rotary

Why am I redirected to Christian Life Assembly's giving page?

Greenlight Operation is a newly incorporated 501(c)(3) and is in the process of filing its 1023. For now, Christian Life Assembly provides operational support to Greenlight Operation, such as our giving platform. Your donations are 100% tax-deductible and go toward Greenlight Operation’s mission.

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