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As we work toward purchasing a restoration home, there are some very specific details our team has considered.


In addition to being so close to the issue, we chose Cumberland County as the location for our home for a few reasons. There are many amenities readily available for residents within short distances, properties that meet the size requirements we have, and many towns that would provide a safe environment for our residents and staff.


To house 5-8 women and onsite staff, a sizable home must be considered. We have determined that we need at least a 3,000 sq. ft. home with 5+ bedrooms, 3+ bathrooms, and at least 1 acre of land. Rooms for the women, office space, counseling areas, living space, and land for recreational activities are all items we must consider.


For the safety of staff and residents, we are only considering homes within 10 minutes of police and first responders. We don’t want to be so isolated for the sake of privacy that it could put our team and residents in danger.

If you know of a facility that will be hitting the market or someone who may be looking to donate property, please let us know!

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