Meet the Team

We are a group of abolitionists dedicated to breaking the chains of modern-day slavery.  We engage with communities, advancing awareness into action to end human trafficking.


Jordan Pine

Founder & Executive Director

Jordan’s passion to combat human trafficking was sparked at a young age, which shaped much of her life journey.  She received her B.A. in Politics with a minor in Criminal Justice from Messiah College and took every opportunity to better understand the issue and the many ways it impacts society.

She has served alongside several organizations that work with survivors, as well as received extensive training in crisis management, and built a strong network of fellow freedom fighters and law enforcement officials.  Today, her passion to see freedom for all is stronger than ever.  


Sara Love

Marketing Coordinator

Sara was first impacted by human trafficking while touring a free medical clinic in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. She was heart-broken to learn about the number of human trafficking cases in Harrisburg City alone, but even more distressing, the numbers on a national and global scale. She seeks to raise awareness in the community about human trafficking so each and every one of us can take a step to end modern-day slavery.

Sara received her B.A. in Corporate Communications from Susquehanna University and an MBA from Lebanon Valley College.


Katie Sechrist, RN, BSN

Community Relations Coordinator

Katie’s passion for restoring victims of abuse, trauma, and mental health diagnoses is what led her to first discover the issue of human trafficking. While studying healthcare in Zambia, she was educated on the international issue of human trafficking. After returning home to the United States, she wanted to learn more about how this issue was impacting her local community, and how she could take action against it.

Katie graduated from Messiah College with her B.A. in Nursing, and is working as a psychiatric mental health nurse. Driven by her passion for communicating love to people, she uses her skills to engage the community to bring a voice to the voiceless.


Anna Knaub

Operations Coordinator

Anna was first exposed to human trafficking as a student at the University of Valley Forge. It was not until she began working with the non-profit, Hope Inspire Love, and introduced to Greenlight Operation, that she realized how prevalent the issue is in the Harrisburg area. As a mother and teacher, she felt called to be part of the solution.

Anna graduated with her B.S. in Secondary English Education, which she has used at trainings, educational events, and as a lead blogger for Greenlight Operation.